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A fact many of you should note before you continue to read: I did not finish reading the second book Catching Fire. Now that I have given as close to an apology as I ever will about this trilogy, lets dive into the film that released Friday!

What I Liked
There were three areas in particular that did an exceptional job: the pacing, the characters, and the storytelling. The pacing of the film was slow and methodical, yet I didn’t feel as bored as I did in the first one where I was biting at the bit to get to the arena, the world seemed more important than the journey to the arena… almost like the film was surprised itself when the reaping happened. I really enjoyed ever aspect of the pacing, especially once we got into the arena I thought “darn it there isn’t enough time in this film to a) make this any good or b) conclude it.” yet despite all my misgivings this film pulled off and ending and a setup for part three. (crossing my fingers that part three is only one film).
The characters development in this film was given much more care. I didn’t find any useless scenes in catching fire. Every scene was pushing characters individual or communal personality. Unlike the first film where there are a few scenes I just sit and scratch my head at why that was necessary. This film’s every cut seems to hold meaning for the characters.
Storytelling was increased tenfold. Not too much expound upon here for those who haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet. Like I already said with the character development the camera was used so intentionally that I felt immersed more than I was in the first film into a world that would allow such cruel brutality.

I have to do this because as I pick apart what I didn’t like I can’t talk in general terms about what was working well. I have to get into the nitty-gritty of the film and that will inherently reveal the storyline. So if you haven’t read the book or watched the film or you like surprises shrink this window go to you local theater right this minute and watch this film it is worth your time.

What I didn’t Like
How many arrows does Katniss have? Go check again but her quiver seems to reproduce arrows! One scene it is empty, the next scene there are a few arrows in it, the next moment there is a full quiver (I did note: that she only gets a full quiver once she gets to the cornucopia). After the baboons attack however, she has 0 arrows in her quiver. Then she has 3-6 between scenes leading up to the cornucopia.

The ending, of the game confused me to no end. She is walking down to the beach with Johanna with the wire to electrocute everyone. Check. Then the wire goes taught, breaks, and Johanna drops her, cuts her tracker out and runs away, why? So Katniss gets back to the tree, where the heck did Peeta go? And where is the other dude, Finnick? I mean Finnick finds her first, how does that happen? It seems like one of those things where Peeta should have been coming down the same path that she took to the beach which means they would have pass each other… and as he isn’t much of a fighter lets not assume that he was going to look for the other two career killers to fight them.

If so many people were in on this whole plan then how come they didn’t cut Peeta’s tracker out too at the tree when she was walking down to the beach??? Remember he isn’t a fighter I’m pretty sure two men could have overpowered him tied him up with some of that metal cord and cut his tracker out. I might just be ignorant because I haven’t read the book… but it doesn’t seem to add up correctly.

Overall rating 5 out of 5 stars this film entertained me and I am looking forward to a second watch!