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After long last! I am going to post another movie review.

I’ll begin with this very important statement: I have NOT read the book. with that said I was disappointed in the same was that Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and City of Ember disappointed me. Great stories I have no doubt but for whatever reason when it came to making the film the director and editors lost some of the coolest, most clever concepts and information and replace it with half attempts they hope to appease the audiences with. An example of the worst case example in this film. After our main characters house is wrecked by two henchmen and a dog. She returns with her shadowhunters, two of them go upstairs and release this cool metal alloy that seems to be searching for something while she is looking for something downstairs, we never find out what the metal alloy is or why it is significant. Cool gizmos are the easiest way to get free fan milage in my opinion, instead by failing to explain what that alloy thingy-ma-bobber is or its purpose, I am left disappointed. So I know there are Fans out there who probably want to jump at this opportunity to explain that gizmo to me. Unfortunately it is too late for me to care. Also I felt a tad overplay on the romance, what is this Twilight? Now there were a few lines in the film that felt almost like a poke at Twilight, which I found amusing but not enough to make me want to watch this film again.

and now I am briefly going to congratulate Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings films for doing such a splendid job, all of the edits that were made from the original storyline in the films were necessary or at least well thought out. I didn’t start reading Harry Potter till after film 4 released and I must say that I was impressed at how fully the directors choose to drop only what they had to drop for time constraints. This by-and-large makes me appreciate good book-to-film editing more and more.

But back to my review, I did love the overall concept idea. I also really enjoyed the two snide remarks aimed at Twilight. Although I didn’t think they were needed they made me smile. Overall review rating 3-5 stars. Redbox it on DVD.

So I actually ended up listening to the whole first book and part of the second book on my 26 hour drive to New York and back to Chicago. So now I can say that this film’s adaption of the book is decent but not great. They really mesh books one and two together. Although Valentine is just as creepy in the film if not more creepy than he is in the books. Valentine is rational as long as you aren’t questioning his radical ideals. So overall character continuity is better except Clary (OUR MAIN CHARACTER) is a redhead…. why would you change this…. for any reason? same rating as before