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Thor: The Dark World

I’ll start off with what I really enjoyed about this film and then I’ll move to what didn’t make sense to me. Then I’ll move into where I think the next couple of Marvel films are going to lead us for Avengers 2.

Unlike the first Thor film, where you have a tedious attempt at character development before Thor is banished to earth, Thor 2 really uses the first movie and the avengers film to inform the audience about Thor’s character. He is less childish and is willing to put the needs of the 9 realms before his own personal love interest.
Furthermore those characters that were so tedious to watch interact in the first film (the companion 3) are way downplayed.
Loki’s character is a complicated mess, and I appreciated this in the first film as well as the second, there seems to be times where he is genuine: “trust in my vengeance” but he is still the prince of lies, this creates a complicated brother relationship in this film which I found fascinating to watch.
Dark Elves come out of nowhere, strike first ask questions later good strategy don’t know why more bad busy don’t follow their lead. These bad guys gave me the creeps with their eerie facemasks hiding all sense of emotion and remorse. Only Malektih reveals his face the entire movie.
I actually understood the relationship between the 9 realms a little better in this film.
Really liked that most of the issues happen off earth. When the battle finally does come to earth it is over relatively quickly, meaning there isn’t enough time to scramble the Avengers. This is more appropriate than Iron Man 3 where the entire world seems to be unconcerned with the fact that the president of the United States has been kidnapped and strung up on an oil rig. *Squinty eyes* yeah think about that.
Another huge bonus was that Thor 2 kept the Marvel Universe close at hand (Loki takes on the form of Captain America and mocks him). Humor was tasteful, nothing super new or clever, but tasteful. 

A few things I didn’t like/didn’t make sense/were NOT necessary. **POTENTIAL SPOILERS**

Why does the doctor have to be running around with no clothes on?
Why do the ancients always have to build signs that triangulate the location of a place where something significant happens? Would it not just be easier to be like, “frick there are a bunch of worlds all aligning above our heads lets build a monument right here under this weird-ass phenomena to warn people to stay away cause all kinds of weird stuff happens when you get close to this area… like people randomly vanishing into thin air.”
I get breaking from tradition and not playing up the tension that Thor is betrothed to Siff, but Odin and Loki both have really valid points that make very little sense. Jane Foster will die in maybe 70 years and Thor has at least a couple a thousand years to live, so why does anyone care about who Thor is in love with? He could theoretically remarry at least a 100 times to mortals after she dies and still be young.
Kurse= whaaaA!?!! I said enough
Odin, you are the All-father you lost an eye to gain wisdom, yet you seem pretty blind in both films to the obvious issues with your sons. Also where is his only child with Frigga, Balder this whole time? I let this one slide because I am happy that they aren’t doing an x-men mistake.

not exactly sure why the Collector made an appearance at the end of the film? that really isn’t bad or good.
All in all I was I was entertained, and at the end of the day that is all I really want anyway. 3-5 stars watch it once in theaters and then redbox it.

Now on to my predictions for the next couple of Marvel films leading up to the Avengers 2.

Captain America: Winter Solider
Guardians of the Galaxy
Amazing Spiderman 2




I think I got them all for 2014. Captain America will tie in closely with TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and will focus on control issues.






Guardians of the Galaxy… I’m not even familiar with all these characters. So why do a film about them? I hope its because they are going to kill them all off at the hands of Thanos. That way the epic battle over earth can ensue and the stakes can be real. Avengers verses Thanos.




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Spiderman 2 like all the spidermen before it will ignore the rest of the Marvel Universe completely. Oh well