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Honestly thought this films premise was stupid when I saw the first trailer.

I’m glad I was surprised. Sandra Bullock, who I dislike in almost every film I have ever seen her perform in, did an amazing job. George Clooney always does a good job and this is no exception. The film premise is pretty simple, but I appreciated the (wait for it…) Gravity of the situation. That was an awful pun, but nevertheless 100% true. I felt that I could identify with the crew remarkably well for never being to space myself. The camera added tension, and the feeling of aloneness with an exactness that I found palpable. I never once during the film or after the film thought that this was taken on a Hollywood set, the realness of everything was compelling it chased doubt from my mind.

5-5 stars defiantly see in IMAX or 3D for the full experience. Hope to see it in the running for best CGI at the Academy Awards this year.