Pacific Rim a Japanese anime dream come true!

This film by Guillermo Del Toro makes Michael Bay’s Transformers look like a confusing, hacking, slashing, jumble of metal that pointlessly destroys film. The Great cinematography, and overall story telling of Pacific Rim reminded me of Evangelion 1.0evangelion1
If you haven’t seen this critically acclaimed Anime then think about watching after Pacific Rim.

In many ways Pacific Rim Americanized the classic Japanese apocalyptic scenario of earths destruction in the most balanced and well thought out way possible. Taking Japanese traditional fighting culture, and mingling it with the gusto of the American Psyche produces a great action flick with good storytelling, and even greater action. Some of the minor flaws in the film are what you could expect from an American summer blockbuster; rushing headlong into danger before doing a small bit of research that would help you destroy your enemy or creating a mind melding machine with spare parts from a lab. Some of the things were just unimaginably simple and yet silly at the same time. Of course walking through and ocean of water to fight a giant monster isn’t a problem because physics tell us that the bigger you are the easier it is to move through water like it was a small wade pool. Oh Wait, That isn’t how physics work. But besides that minor stuff, this was well worth the price of the admission ticket and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Also the overall intensity of this film makes it feel longer than it’s run time. But that is satisfying feeling to some degree also a lot of intense alien gore but otherwise this film is a good film to take your middle aged teenagers without having to worry about sex, nudity, thug life, or some model trying to act.

I would also pass on seeing this in 3D. But I NEVER enjoys films in 3D!

Overall rating 4-5 stars, I would watch in theaters and own on bluray for sure.