Holy whaaaaaaa!?

alright so if anyone else can help me figure out what this film is about I would love it! because what I am going to do is hypothesis about what I thought the film was about and I might be completely off but here it goes.

are protagonist and his driver are part of an organization that sets up appointments with other clients where you role-play whatever it is you are suppose to roll play for that session. why this matters, I’m not sure at all, what kind of lifestyle this would be sounds extremely tiring. at the end I’m not even sure what the main character looked like at the beginning. I was fascinated but always felt like I was missing some key information like the camera and editing were playing with me trying to leave me guessing but they never concluded anything. leaving me a little bit curious as to the “why does this matter” anyway if anyone can give me a solid source or thoughts/input on this film I would greatly appreciate it!