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What can I say that won’t spoil the show….mmm nothing. This means that this entire review is under a wonderful [[[Spoiler Alert]]].

That means that if you haven’t watched the first Fullmetal Alchemist series you should stop reading and go watch the 51 episodes NOW!

Alright here we go! At the end of the series Ed and Alfonse find themselves living in two different universes; one which is run by a centralized government powered by alchemy, and the other by a more scientific and human world like our own. Their goal is to be reunited in the flesh together however the human world strips Ed of all of his alchemic power. Leaving him teenager who is missing an arm and Leg. meanwhile Alfonse tries to learn all he can from their teacher in order to understand the gateway that connects the two worlds. what ends up happening is a German secret society figures out a way to open this portal to what they guess is “Shamballa” (a heaven of sorts). They look at going through the portal in order to acquire powerful weapons to lead in the Nazi uprising 1924. But they don’t take into account The Elric Brothers. You should watch it if you have time but doesn’t really add a more conclusive ending to the TV series.

overall I enjoyed this film! it doesn’t end the way you expect and that is a comfort of some small degree. 3-5 stars enjoyable but not necessary.