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The disproval of Newton

A well done period piece that takes a very limited look at European Physics in the 1920’s. specifically Einstein’s work concerning the anomaly of Neptune as it related to Newton’s law of gravity. while Einstein starts cracking at the code of the universe Eddington a English Physicist gets in contact to try and resolve some of his own questions about discrepancies with Newton’s laws. The family dynamic and life exploration is something that this film captures exceedingly well. If you have a quiet afternoon to watch Andy Serkis in something besides a Peter Jackson film then this is definitely the ticket. Warning, film can be a tad slow at times they have no rush to get to the conclusion, and then once at the conclusion, the film wraps up in two minutes. This next to nothing epilogue left me wanting a little more.

3-5 stars would watch 1nce on Blueray

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